The Everything Guide to FRUGL: A Money Saving App that Helps You Save Money Fast

Reach your financial goals quickly while you live your life. 

Want to finally pay off your student debt? Need help planning how to save money for a house or how to save money for a car? Looking to save for an amazing vacation? 

FRUGL is a savings goal app that will set you up for success and make you feel pretty darn confident in your financial future. 

Here’s why: Saving is the first, most important step to financial self-care. And FRUGL makes it effortless to budget and save money fast.

Forget fancy investment apps, credit cards with points and flashy cash-back incentives. While they have their benefits, your first priority should be paying off debt and accumulating wealth. 

The most crucial part of any financial plan is putting money away — money toward your student loans, your credit card debt, your TFSA and your RRSP, toward that new pair of boots that keeps popping up in your Instagram feed. 

And once you have your savings plans in place, you will feel good

That’s why we’ve created FRUGL. Our money saving app allows you to set up all your savings goals clearly — and plan the strategies to meet those goals — in one place thanks to our mobile-first technology. 

We’ve developed a system where you can choose ways to save that fit with your lifestyle, where you’ll no longer have to guess how much you’ll need to put away and for how long. You can monitor your progress easily in one place. You’ll even learn and adjust along the way. 

The first step: Set up your saving money GOALS

Once you’ve quickly set up an account using your phone number (for security only — we will never spam you), FRUGL will prompt you to set up goals that are important to you. 

Choose as many as you’d like. Think: debt payment, retirement, emergency fund, a dream vacation. 

Let’s say you choose a vacation goal (why not?). You opt for Thailand (why not?). You know you want it to be epic so you decide to save $3,000. Great. Set your GOAL’s profile pic to a palm tree and you’re ready to start planning how — and when — you’ll meet your goal. 

Before we jump to STRATEGIES though, let’s take you through some of the more, err, serious savings goals. We know how important it is to get the details of your end goal right. Whatever your goal, FRUGL will guide you toward choosing the right amount so you are set up for success. If you want to save toward your retirement, for example, FRUGL will ask you what age you want to retire, your income and with what amount. If you opt to add a debt payment goal, FRUGL will calculate the time it will take based on the debt amount and its interest rate. House down payment? Yup. We’ll take you through that process, too. 

Choose your STRATEGIES (the real secret to how to save money) 

Now, here’s where the fun starts. Every goal needs a solid strategy. So, we’ve tailored different ways for you to grow your savings that suit your lifestyle (and make it fun along the way). You can pick and choose as many as you wish. 

Cruise Control: Save the same amount every single month. (Ah yes, the ol’ tried and true.) 

Pay Yourself First: Save part of every paycheck you get — either an amount or percentage, up to you! 

Loose Change: FRUGL rounds up every purchase and puts the spare change into your savings automatically . (You’d be surprised how fast this can accumulate.) 

Treat Yourself: Choose a store you love to shop at (and that, consequently, makes quite a dent in your paycheck). Instead of cutting it out completely, match your spending at that store with automatic savings. Live your life and save at the same time.  

Skip your Coffee: Pick a few days a week to skip buying your coffee (don’t worry, you can make it at home) and put that money into your savings.

Healthy Rewards: Every time you hit a certain number on your step counter you commit to moving a specific amount into your savings (say, $10 every 10,000 steps).

Set as many of these STRATEGIES as you like — the more you choose, the faster your savings will grow and the less you’ll have to compromise your lifestyle. Then FRUGL will give you a projection on the timeline based on your choices. Feel free to tinker back and forth to adjust.

Once you’re satisfied, sit back and watch your savings grow and your goals get closer to reality. 

Save Money Fast and Securely through Automatic Transfers from your Bank 

Once your GOALS and STRATEGIES are in place, connecting FRUGL to your bank is easy and safe. 

Each of your GOALS has its own CDIC-insured high-interest savings account.. There are no sneaky fees, no limits on withdrawals and no minimum balance required. And you can easily monitor each transfer through the app. 

We’re not a bank, but we do work closely with banks and we use bank-level security (256-bit encryption). 

How to Save Money Today for an Awesome Tomorrow: Sign up for FRUGL 

We have goals too! We strive to be the top money-saving app in the United States and Canada, and we’re currently looking for early beta customers who will be able to use FRUGL completely free! We’ll be the best app for your saving money-goal — sign up today and watch your savings grow. 

Visit FRUGL and start saving today

We are on a mission.

At Frugl, we’re committed to providing a tool that makes saving money effortless.

Our mission is simple: To give you confidence in your financial future.